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Meet the Doctor – Dr. J. Daniel Lewis

Dr. J. Daniel Lewis

J. Daniel Lewis’s education started with an undergraduate degree at Albion College followed by a dental degree at the University of Michigan. Then his real education started. Dr. Lewis had the privilege/challenge of going into practice with an exceptional dentist, (Ace Oren) who spent an incredible amount of time training Dr.Lewis. After 4 years Dr. Oren felt he was ready to go the Pankey Institute. One week a year for six years was spent at the Institute with the rest of the year being spent integrating that knowledge into his practice.

 Since learning is a journey not a destination, Dr. Lewis has also had hundreds of hours of continuing education with many experts in dentistry.  Through out this journey of education the basis of his philosophy has remained the same; Providing the best possible comfort, function, and aesthetics (how it feels, how it works, and how it looks) with the least amount of dentistry. It sounds simple but it is all dependent on having a comprehensive exam that alows us to establish a line of communication with the patient and a clinical baseline to compare back to. Dr. LD Pankey, who the Institute was named for, always stressed “know your patient”. This philosophy has helped us provide dentistry that has been predictable over the years.